Spinning the Reels for a Good Cause: Casinoerdanmark.dk & Great.com Unite in a Charitable Partnership

Malaria is a deadly disease spread by mosquito bites. The number of people getting sick every year is 240 million, and around 625,000 die. Estimates say that 70% of the victims have been kids under five, and the disease is the number one killer of pregnant women worldwide. One of the best ways to keep malaria at bay is to sleep under mosquito nets treated with pesticides.


Thanks to a partnership with Casinoerdanmark.dk. We are happy to announce that we have raised funds for the Against Malaria Foundation. The donation will result in the distribution of xxx mosquito nets. The nets will protect a total of xxx people, and approximately xxx cases of the disease will be prevented.

The details about the donation is shown in the below image, where the nets have been distributed.

The donated nets are part of the 432,250 nets distributed in Congo. On the left, you’ll see where Congo is whereas on the right, the various deliveries of nets are in Congo itself. This partnership is a small step towards creating a better world, and it's a part of Great.com's initiative "iGaming for Future" – Uniting the gambling industry to do Good.

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